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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for booking your holiday with Club Giraffe.

Cancellation and Change Fees

  • Cancellation fees will come into effect upon receipt of cancellation notice in writing to the company or to email info@morzine-mtb.com. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the notice of cancellation has indeed reached the company's offices and has received written approval.

  • For the purposes of calculating cancellation fees, work days will be calculated without Saturday and Sunday.

  • The terms of cancellation fees shown here, are valid only for on site services (transfers, accommodation, bicycle rental, lift pass and any other services ordered for the customer, except for the flight)

  • In the event that the customer also ordered a flight, the cancellation fee for the flight ticket will be separate and subject to the cancellation policy of the airline from which the tickets were ordered.

  • Cancellation from the time of booking up to 60 working days before departure - 25% charge per passenger.

  • Cancellation of 30 to 59 working days before departure - 40% per passenger.

  • Cancellation of 14 to 29 working days before departure - 70% per passenger.

  • Cancellation of 13 working days or less before departure date - 100% per passenger.

  • A change in the date of vacation and/or accommodation will be considered a cancellation and creating a new order will be made according to the price at the time of the vacation change.

  • Changing the type of bicycle (in the case of a rental) after placing an order will be considered a cancellation and subsequently a new order of the type of bike you require will be made.

  • A change of date and/or cancellation of a coaching session you have booked will be considered a cancellation.

  • A €15 handling fee will be deducted from any agreed credit given to the customer.


  • Late arrival to or early departure from the vacation, including in the event of injury, do not qualify for a refund of any kind.

  • Loss of riding days due to delayed flights, weather conditions, etc. will not be refunded.

  • In addition to what is stated above, in the case of cancellation, the passenger will be subject to the airline's cancellation conditions.

  • In the event that the customer can not be accommodated for any reason in the approved accommodation, the customer will be offered alternative accommodation at the same level as the original accommodation at the time of booking.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that his or her passport is current for at least six months. The customer must also ensure that he or she has all the necessary visas and/or documents for leaving the country and entering the destination country.

  • In the event that you encounter a problem during your vacation which has direct relation to your booking, you must immediately inform the company's representatives at the destination and/or the company representatives in Israel by phone or email and check that the email has been received by the company. Reporting of a problem or issue after your vacation will not always enable us to manage it optimally.

  • Changes to the booking cannot be made after the vouchers are sent to the customer.

  • Arrival to / departure from accommodation: In most accommodation check in to the room / apartment / cabin will be from 15:00 and departure will be no later than 10:00.

  • Single or double beds: Any request regarding this will be forwarded to the accommodation. This cannot be guaranteed in advance.

  • A Sim data card is offered as a bonus to customers aged 18 and over and is available until stock runs out. Each Sim's volume is 500 MB and Internet services should be used wisely. (Avoid downloading “heavy” content). Since this is a benefit with technological limitations, it cannot be guaranteed that the device will operate on the customer's specific mobile device.

  • Transfers are not private and you may need to wait at the airport to collect additional customers. The journey to the accommodation may include one or more drop offs at the accommodation of the other customers in transit.


  • The organisers do not bear any responsibility for bodily, mental or property damage related to the vacation.

  • It is known that cycling involves great physical effort. It is the responsibility of the participants and the participants only, to ensure that they have no medical or other restriction which prevents them from taking part in these activities.

  • Participants should be aware that cycling involves risk to the point of endangering life.

  • In the event of an emergency, all expenses will be paid by the participants.

  • It is essential to purchase appropriate insurance for extreme sports, including air rescue, medical flight, hospitalisation, surgery and routine care.

  • It is recommended that customers purchase baggage insurance.

  • In the event of theft of rented bicycles, the renters will be required to pay the full cost of the bike.

  • The Company bears no responsibility for changes resulting from the decisions of local authorities and other local governmental bodies.

Credit card validity

  • In the event of a credit card that expires before departure for vacation, the customer is required to provide, on his or her own initiative, details of another valid card. In the event that a valid card is not provided, the balance of the payment will be collected by the company before the expiration of the card in hand.

  • In order to leave for vacation, the customer must provide us with valid credit card information. Without a valid credit card, the customer will not be able to leave for the vacation, even if he or she has paid for the vacation in full.