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Les Gets

Secure bike storage
400 meters
From lifts
400 meters
From center
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Morzine France Bibikers Pleasure :)

Europe's #1 destination for riding.

At the end of the article you will have quite a few reasons to mark Morzine as your next destination.


When you arrive to Morzine you will be greeted by two representatives of MORZINE MTB in Morzine. The next morning you will be lead by them to a necessary introductory ride on the tracks of Morzine. They will introduce you to all the important points in the cycling area, the important junctions and the connecting elevators between the main sections. And no ... they are not riding instructors, but they will lead you to three hours of very significant riding as part of their job to make you miss Morzine immediately upon your return to your country.

 Is Morzine a target for DH riders only? Well, no!

It was true once, long ago, but no more. A large investment in infrastructure and new tracks that are suitable for all levels of riding, have made it the capital of the Mountain Bike riders for all of them.

Morzine today is a paradise for riding to everyone! Whether you are an XC rider who is just looking for a riding trip, whether you're an AM rider looking for a light elements and of course if you're a downhill rider.

Morzine is located in the French Alps 1000 meters above sea level, about an hour drive from Geneva, and is the largest town in a huge ski resort called Portes Du Soleil.

So you ask why Morzine? There are lots of reasons!

The cable cars, which connect the towns around Morzine and take you to amazing riding trails.

The endless range of paths - 650 km of paths for all levels, beginners to Down Hillers, from green paths to black singles with crazy angles, jumping parks and more... There is no such variety anywhere in the world..

Independence - the cycling routes in Morzine are well-marked and very easy to locate,

So that anyone can find his way easily. Such independence can be found on a ski vacation on almost every site, but in the world of bicycle tourism there are no such things anymore.

The convenience - Morzine is just one hour from Geneva, with 24-hour shuttle buses that make it easy to get to.


When should I go to Morzine?

A cycling vacation in Morzine is worthwhile only when the cable cars are open, and this happens from the end of the last week of June to the end of the last week of August or the first of September.

Who does it fit?

Every person who rides a mountain bike as a hobby regularly (once or twice a week) and knows the different techniques

Beware of misconception! A search for the name Morzine on Google or Youtube will show, in most cases, results of Downhill, but as stated in the opening, the place is a paradise for everyone, look for films of the Passportes du Soleil event and experience it yourselves.

Where do you ride?

First, for the overall picture, in Morzine there is no need for a vehicle. The cable cars leave the town and are connected, and there is no need for any transportation.

Two cable cars leave from Morzine. One is called Pleney, and is also used for climbing the mountain and its tracks, and also as a departure point for the Les Gets. The second is called Super Morzine and serves as an exit for all the other areas.

The town of Les Gets is about five kilometers west of Morzine, and 300 meters above it, two cable cars leave, one is called Chavannes and the other is Mont Cherry. From the end of these two cable cars there are several routes back to the town of Les Gets and two lanes all the way to Morzine. At the end of the cycling day in Les Gets you can roll back on the road to Morzine.


Back to Super Morzine

The Zore cable, will lead you close to the town of Avoriaz and the valley Lindarets. Lindarets is a central junction where you will pass several times during your vacation. In addition to two or three coffee shops, you will also find two cable cars for the rest of the trip, and another cable car will return towards Avoriaz at the end of the day on the way home. Another option is to leave Lindarets on a ride towards Lake Montrioned.

There are also two cable cars, one towards Mossettes - the highest point in the area, and later the ride to the Swiss towns of Les Crosets & Champery. The second cable car is called the Chaux Fleurie, from which you take a few routes to Chatel's jumping park. From the jumping park you can continue on trips that include the town of Chatel and beyond to Morgin, Torgon and Champousin, from where you can continue to Les Crosets and return home via the Swiss side of the Mossettes cable car I told you earlier.

You can also take advise from our representatives in Morzine who will always be happy to help you decide where to go.

Where will you stay?
The most popular accommodation in Morzine is equipped apartments with several bedrooms (depending on the size of the group), toilets, showers, a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy living room.
If you prefer hotels, we have a varied selection. All accommodation options we offer can be found on our website.
Bring my bike or rent?
Bicycle rental is not cheap, but in recent years most of our guests prefer to rent bicycles. Rented bikes are better suited for riding in Morzine.
We have excellent rental agreements with several major shops in Morzine, and our guests also get a discount of 5% of the store price, just take into account that it is necessary to order the requested bike a long time in advance.

Where to eat?
There are quite a number of restaurants in Morzine and Les Gets.
If you like to cook for yourself, you can buy products in the supermarkets.

Where to go in the evening?
Break up from the day of riding hard, or go to the bar or restaurant you want. Details with our representatives in Morzine.

More options.
Morzine is a holiday village, offering a variety of options, rafting, canyoning, rope park, crazy omega, paragliding, a trip to Geneva or Anasi and more.

Why organize your holiday with us?
Very simple, you pay just like a direct purchase (usually even a little less), and you get a lot more:
1. Instead of looking for a variety of services one by one, we can offer you an experienced and professional service, at the same cost as it would cost. You also get from us discounts for the lift pass and bicycle rental, and a lot more...
2. Morzine MTB has two representatives in Morzine to accompany you, advise and make sure you have no less than perfect vacation, believe us it is very important!

Among our customers there are quite a few riders who will arrive in Morzine for the third, fourth, and even eighth consecutive year!
Waiting to host you in Les Gets and Morzine
Morzine MTB staff
*Minimum prices per person
S2 - Studio apartment 1-2 guests 25m2
1 - 2 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
S2 - Studio apartment 22-28 m² suitable for two guests (double sofa bed), shower room or bath, toilet, fully equipped kitchen.
24 - One bedroom + living room 2-4 guests
2 - 4 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
24 - one bedroom and living room apartment 27-36 sqm, bedroom with double bed, living room with sofa bed, kitchen, shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen.
26X - One bedroom + living room 2-6 guests
2 - 6 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
26 / X - bedroom and living room 35-52 m², bedroom with double bed and niche with bunk bed, living room on separate floor with sofa bed, shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen.
36x - Two bedrooms + living room 2-6 guests
2 - 6 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
36 / 36X - Two-bedrooms and living room 43-56 sqm, bedroom with double bed or bunk bed, extra bedroom with double bed or bunk bed, living room with sofa bed (some apartments have different living room), two bathrooms With shower / bath, WC, fully equipped kitchen.
38A - Two bedrooms + living room 2-6 guests
2 - 6 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
38A - two-bedroom and living room 46-49 sqm, bedroom with double bed, additional bedroom with double bed, living room with sofa bed, bathroom, toilet, kitchen (optional extra bed for up to 8 guests - not recommended)
48X - Three bedrooms + living room 6-8 guests
3 - 8 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
48 / 48X - 3 bedrooms and living room 48-69 sqm, bedroom with double bed, bedroom with twin beds, extra bedroom with two single beds, living room with sofa bed (some apartments have different level living room), room Bath, toilet, fully equipped kitchen.
T8 - Three bedrooms + living room 6-8 guests
3 - 8 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
T8- Three-bedroom and living room 48-69 sqm, 3 double bedrooms (some rooms have double beds and some have twin beds), living room with sofa bed, bathroom with shower, bathroom with shower, toilet, fully equipped kitchen.
T10 - Four bedrooms + living room 8-10 guests
6 - 10 Total number of guests, Accommodation only
T10 - 4 bedrooms and living room 70 sqm, bedroom with double bed and shower and adjacent bathroom, three double bedrooms living room with sofa bed, two bathrooms, toilet, fully equipped kitchen.